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Hello World! I am Benjamin Thomas Blodgett, a human.

I greatly enjoy playing and creating games; most notably: puzzle games. The first game I levels I designed were for SuperTux for my brothers and sisters at home.
I started programming on my TI-84 when I was 14, and took my first programming class when I was 17. I moved on to creating and sharing custom content for The Sims.
After playing Valve's Portal, I fell in love with puzzle games, and picked up Valve's SDK and began creating content of my own. Years later now, I have now have many friends in the Source Community, and am part of many different projects.

In 2019, I began working for Supra Games on new Supraland content. We shipped Supraland Six Inches Under in 2022, which was my first shipped game. It has been a great time, and I've learned so much about fun in the process. In my spare time I've been working on my own puzzle game currently titled Daakorun. I love that I get to work full time on creating fun game content that players really connect with.

On a personal note, I am married to a lovely woman, and we are parents to fraternal twins plus one. I've entered a new realm of sleep deprivation :)

Want to get in contact with me? My email is at the top! Find me on Twitter/BenVlodgi.

Certifications & Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Grand Valley State University, 2013

Certified Scrum Master
Scrum Alliance

Games & Mods


2012 BEEMOD [GitHub]
Creator, Designer, Asset Creator

2013 BEE2 [GitHub]
Creator, Designer, Asset Creator, Programmer

2014 Aperture Tag [Steam]
Puzzle Builder Integration Programmer

2018 BEE2.4 [GitHub]
Co-Designer, Contributor, Legacy Creator

2019 Supraland [Steam]

2020 Supraland Crash [Steam]

2022 Supraland Six Inches Under [Steam]
Level Designer, Enemy Designer, Programmer, Voice Actor

In Progress

Supraworld [Development | Steam | Blog Post]

No Active Development

Aevitas [Private Alpha | Video Demo]
Creator, Designer, Level Developer, Programmer

Backstock [Private Beta | About]
Creator, Designer, Level Developer, Programmer

Daakorun [Private Alpha | About]
Creator, Designer, Level Developer, Programmer